Tsukasa Amakawa & Gyro Shima

Natalia met them when she pay a visit to the Symphony Company, they gets a long very well, but not for Tsukasa, Natalia thinks he's too inertia. Natalia trusts them very much, she said she be glad that they were they ones who look over Regina.

Riki Ryugasaki

Natalia believes in Riki, she trusts him for looking over Regina for the whole time. She developed a sibling-relationship with him which Riki wants a siblings because he's the only child.

Riki also thinks Natalia as his sister even though they just met.

Genjuro Kazanari & Himiko Day & Gennosuke Shigami

Natalia met Genjuro when she pay a visit to Raine's since she's little. Natalia met Himiko and Gennosuke once in Europe for certain research. They all can gets along well with Natalia.

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