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General Information
Kanji ネフシュタンの鎧
Romaji Nefushutan no Yoroi
Dubbed Nehushtan Armor

The Nehushtan Armor is a complete relic found by the Symphony Company Government in an excavation, who then gave it to the 2nd Division Mobile Disaster Response Corps for research and protection.

General Information

The Nehushtan Armor's primary ability of note is its impressive regenerative capabilities. While easily broken, the relic can completely heal itself within seconds of taking damage. If fused with a user, the regenerative abilities of the armor are extended to the user as well.

For offense, the armor is primarily equipped with a set of long chains which hang off each shoulder. These chains are not exceptionally strong in battle, but can extend to virtually infinite lengths.

Like Symphogears, the Nehushtan Armor changes its shape depending on its wielder.


The Nehushtan (or Nehustan, Hebrew: נחושתן or נחש הנחושת), in the Hebrew Bible, was a sacred object in the form of a snake of brass upon a pole. The priestly source of the Torah says that Moses used a 'fiery serpent' to cure the Israelite from snakebites.


Nehushtan's Aufwachen located and appeared in the screen.


  • Nehushtan Armor is a relic from Senki Zesshou Symphogear.

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