Regina Granfernes
Rinne smile
Kanji レジナ・グランフェルネス
王女 レジナ ・キン ・X
Romaji Rejina Guranferunesu
Oujo Rejina Kin X
Dubbed Regina Granfernes
Regina The Tenth
Character Profile
Gender Female ♀
Age 14
Hair Color Blue
Eye Color Light Blue
Occupation/s Princess
Guardian of Dragold
B-Daman Smash Dragold (Supposed)
Status Alive
First Appearance EC011
Japanese CV Ayane Sakura
English CV Emilie-Claire Barlow

Regina Granfernes or known as Regina The Tenth, she is the noble royal family descendant or better known as a princess in Germany, her family is the guardian of the Golden Dragon, Dragold. She supposed to be the successor of Dragold not Rudy. She’s appears to be Rinne’s close friend through the series.


Regina - in Latin means queen or empress

Kin (キン -金-) - means gold reference to she’s a guardian of the golden dragon, Dragold.


Regina is petite teenage girl with cobalt blue hair with a green clip and three silver hearts on it. She has light colored blue eyes and pale skin. She often changes her clothes through the series.

First she briefly wears a grey dress with black sleeves, red cloth on the waist, grey boots with black accents. Then she wears a grey vest and dark blue dress underneath it. She wears dark blue sandals and black necklace.

At the White Dragon of Destruction Arc, she wears a bright blue dress with green along the top and two green rows near the bottom, its printed all over it is a pattern of pale blue-white leaf and with a short, white opened top with green around each sleeve. For foot wear, she wears a pair of Caramel brown sandals with a semi-chucked heel and around the ankle are held with brown strings and straps tied on the edges.

At the final battle, she wears a white laced dress with a golden rose on left side of the chest and thin lines of rainbow colors along from the rose. She also wears a pair of long white sleeves gloves and rainbow bead bracelets. She also wears a crystal crown full with light rainbow colors and heart shaped diamonds.

Regina wears a pair of pastel rainbow themed heels with white ribbon going around the ankle and a layered necklace with many colored gems of the rainbow.


Regina is a mysteries girl with non-expression (or less) on her face but she’s a kind, caring and wise friend of Rinne and she sometimes gives advices to Rinne. Regina rarely talk, she only talks in a few words. She’s a good friend of Dragold, who may passed away but his spirit still remain. She can feel the sadness and pain in someone’s heart. She's acts like an older sister to Riki when she came and live there with him and his mother for a while.


  • Regina is originally a character from Pretty Rhythm Series.
  • Millay, Ixion and Regina are relatives(distant or not).
  • Regina's height is 157cm

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