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Regina looking at a exhausted Riki after training

Regina is the most mysteries and wise person appears in the series. She revealed to the second princess of Grand Chokmah, Germany and the second daughter of Alexander Granfernes who is the current king and the younger sister of Natalia. She was chosen to be the Dragon Wielder of Dragold, but which Golden Dragon mistook Rudy as his wielder much to Regina dismay that the Gold Dragon had passed away. She become a main supporting character through the series, as a guardian who looks after the Dragon Wielders.


EC011 : The Truth Revealed

She make a cameo appearance at the end of the story, she's looking at Riki them from a top place and saying "A new hope had been created for the lost White Jade dragon, what will be your answer, the great White Jade Dragon. Will you not waver again, the great Azure Dragon?"


She makes a fully cameo debuts in the story, she interrupts Riki when they're were talking about Rin Shirotama. Her sudden appearance made Riki them surprise and leads they to another surprise, that revealed that she is the princess of Grand Chokmah, the capital of Germany. She asks Riki will he not waver again against Rin. She knows who is Rin from the start, she keeps it a secret. She watched the battle between Riki and Rin. At the last moment, Riki activates the sacred power, The Golden Power she said.

EC013 : A new Friend? or Enemy? Millay Shirley Appears

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