Ren Yamada
Romaji Akiren Yamada
Dubbed Ren Yamada
Character Profile
Gender Male ♂
Age 14
Hair Color Green
Eye Color Dark Blue
Occupation/s Southern BMaster(formerly;before Kamon)

B Guardian

B-Daman Smash Bonzo
Status Alive
First Appearance EP002:Another Beggining!

Ren Yamada is a one of the protagonists of B Daman GalaxiaBattle and one members of The B Guardians

He was the former South Area B Master before Kamon.

Appearance Edit

He has straight Green hair which is pushed a little upwards and has Dark blue eyes. He wears an open teal puffer vest with gold accents, underneath it is an oversized shirt with a small pocket on its right and two black stripes on each end of the sleeves, Dark green cargo shorts and red high cut sneakers with white accents

Personality Edit

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