Riki Ryugasaki
Riki Ryugasaki
Kanji 龍ヶ崎 翔
Romaji Ryuugasaki Kakeru
Dubbed Riki Ryugasaki
Alias/s Ryugasaki by Kukai

Ryugasaki-kun by Tadase

Character Profile
Gender Male ♂
Age 12 「EC」
13 「SV」
Hair Color Blue
Eye Color Magenta
Occupation/s B-Shot
B-Daman Rising Dracyan
Status Alive
First Appearance EC001
Japanese CV Momoko Ohara
English CV Mona Marshall
Riki Ryugasaki is the main character of B-Daman Firemerge, Cross Fight B-Daman and the Swan song of the Valkyries and Cross Fight B-Daman☆Shugo Chara!.He is the Crossfire Champion, and his current B-Daman is Rising Dracyan. He's a part of the Guardians in Shugo Chara Doki!


Ryugasaki (龍々崎) - literally means "dragon's fang point"

Kakeru (カケル) - to soar or to fly , to put (one's life) on the line. All together could mean "I'd put my life on the line for this dragon".


Riki is an eleven-year-old boy with blue hair and crimson red eyes. His hair is a medium height reaching almost to his neck and has black eyebrows. He wears a large red and white sweater over a white shirt. This sweater is worn short sleeved it includes a hoodie and pockets. Riki also chooses to wear blue elbow pads and a white wristband on his left wrist.

Riki additionally sports orange sweatpants with blue designs that are rolled up to just below his knee. He wears white and red shoes with a blue lace cover on his feet.

His height stated to be 154cm[1] in EC, in the season 2 and 3, his height to be 155cm.


Riki maintains a "never give up" attitude, always wanting to better himself and help others in any way he can. He cares heavily for his friends and is quick to make new ones all the time. When faced with adversity, he is capable of quickly changing his plans to work around them.

Riki is an avid fan of world history and geography, and has aspirations to travel the world visiting various ruins, tombs and geographical features. His catchphrase is "Mystery..." and has a tendency of saying it after hearing fascinating or mysterious things. After receiving his first B-Daman, Thunder Dracyan, he became a big fan of the Crossfire competition.

Riki's confidence has also changed with the introduction of B-Daman in his life. Prior to receiving Dracyan, Riki was quite timid and shy, and did not like talking to people he did not know. However, as time progressed, Riki came out of his shell and gained a significant amount of confidence when discovering he is the owner of a Legendary Dragon.

Guardian Character

Like the normal children and the most of the Guardians, who only have one egg each (two eggs in some cases),Riki owned a egg of himself which he's desire for.

Abilities & Powers


Mystery !~
  • //


  • Riki's birthday is 2th May.
  • His Zodiac Sign is Taurus.
  • His weight is 50kg.[2]


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