Royal Garden
The Royal Garden is a building just outside of Seimine Academy. Its where Riki them all hang out with Guardians at the Garden. It is the headquarters of the Guardians, where they meet to do daily Guardian work around campus or discuss their progress of fighting against the Easter Company.


The garden is like a large, castle-shaped greenhouse with a peaceful atmosphere. The inside has a grand fountain made of white tile flooring that lead up to a sitting area up the stairs. The area is customized by a white round table surrounded by white tables.

The Guardian Characters' Dollhouse is located on the white table, serving as the Guardian Characters' own personal headquarters. The Humpty Lock was kept in a separate room across the garden before it was given to Lynné Utau.

Members (The Guardians)


Guardian Characters


  • Yuki Washimura
  • Basara Kurochi
  • Jenta Kokuji
  • Bakuga Shira
  • Derek Watari
  • Hugo Raidoh
  • Simon Sumiya
  • Ken Ogami
  • Misuru Hachuka
  • Beck (Yuki's Guardian Character)
  • Jasper (Izayoi's Guardian Character)

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