Ryo Suzuki
Romaji Ryoto Suzukino
Dubbed Ryo Suzuki
Character Profile
Gender Male ♂
Age 13
Hair Color white(w/streaks of black)
Eye Color yellow
Occupation/s Skater

B Guardian

B-Daman Spike Speedo
Status Alive
 Ryo Suzuki is one of the protagonists in B Daman GalaxiaBattle and one of the members in The B Guardians.

 He first appearance was in  


Ryo has groomed White hair and some parts are highlighted in black and has yellow eyes.he wears an orange beanie for his head accesories.for the body part,His plain black shirt has an orange eagle design on its back,he has a long white bandaged wrapped around his left arm and a green wristband on his right wrist,orange khazaki pants and black-n-white checkered slip on shoes

Personality Edit

Abilities Edit

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