Ryukai Kuromi
Naoto Suzukawa 13
Kanji 黒詠 リュウカイ
Romaji Kuroei Ryuukai
Dubbed Ryukai Kuromi
Character Profile
Gender Male ♂
Age 14 「EC
15-16 「SC
Hair Color Black
Eye Color Yellow
Occupation/s Vocalist & Leader of band
Status Alive
First Appearance EC003
Japanese CV Toshiyuki Toyonaga
Kenta Harada (Musical)
English CV Crinsip Freeman
Ryukai Kuromi is the second character appears in B-Daman Firemerge. He is the eldest son of Ryan Shima and Raine Kuromi, the older brother of Ryuken, Rimai and Rinne, Gyro and Tsukasa's nephew. He is the leader and vocalist of a famous indie band, More-Than-True and an under-studying musician for Chrome City. He partnered with Viper Helios who’s evolved to Cyborg Helios then Helios MK2, a b-daman received from his mother.


Ryukai (リュウカイ -龍海-) - Dragon Sea

Kuroei (黒詠) - Black Wing


Ryukai is a handsome and tall young man, who has messy black hair, some of his bang which covers his right eye. He always pushes his hair to a-side which is the right side. Ryukai has pale skin and yellow eyes.

He wears black blazer with rolled sleeves, white shirt, brown pants that quite skinny and black shoes. A brown belt, a blue and dark plaid loose tie to complete his appearance, a black wristband on his left wrist, black buckles on his right upper leg and thin chain necklace with a rectangular silver pendant on it which received from his mother.

Performing BLACK DIAMOND, he only switches his tie to a black/white diamond patterned loose tie, black belt & sunglasses.


Ryukai is mature and wise young man which made up a brother-like figure to Riki, Kamon and Rory. He is kind, empathic, sensible, and down-to-earth, but can have a temper at times especially about music and Rinne, and he also shown to be protective of her. He’s also very blunt, straight-forward and doesn't hesitate to say his thoughts; if someone's around to hear him.

He’s very passion in music, he really cares for his family especially Rinne and she’s the reason why he continues studying about music but actually is not Rinne is because he loves music.They even started to have teaching the new students/musicians in music lessons.

Guardian Character

Like normal children and most of the Guardians, Ryukai has a Guardian Character which he desire for.

「Coming soon...」

Abilities & Power

「Coming soon...」


  • Rinne, Ryukai, Ryuken, Rimai, Ryan (Reiyuu in Japanese) and Raine is a family that loves music and their names start with R.
  • Ryukai and his siblings all use dragon type b-damans.
  • Ryukai is the only person (Family) that don't have a second name.
  • Ryukai actually is a character form Aikatsu!
  • Ryukai's birthday is on 1st June and zodiac sign is Gemini.

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