Ryan Shima


Raine and Ryan in Flashback

Ryan is Rinne's father, he loves Rinne for her love for music too. Rinne loves her father's music and violin, especially when he plays with Raine with him to sing a song for the whole family.

Raine Amou

Raine is Ryukai's beloved mother, she and Rinne bears the resemblances which made Riki them to a surprise. She died for saving Rinne from a Kidnapping Case, its still unknown how she died, even Rinne won't tell about it.

Rinne Utau

Rinne is Ryukai's little sister. When she was still little, she's a kind, inertia and clumsy sometimes, and he was the one who always cheered her up beside thier mother. He was shocked along with Ryuken and Rimai, when they heard Rinne had gone from home and study abroad. When she just back from house, she said she will continued study abroad which to Ryukai's displease. They even had a fight over for that but Rinne doesn't bother about, a few times later Ryukai came to a realization that Rinne had her own dream to fulfilled. He lets Rinne continued studying Abroad.

Ryuken Kouno

Ryuken is Ryukai's younger brother, they started a band together with their friends, Hiro and Shurato. When they young, they said they always get into fights because due to their playful time with their mother. Now, they closest that can be.

Rimai Fujisaki

Rimai is Ryukai's little sister, they care for each others. To Ryukai, Rimai is a loving sister to him just like Rinne.

Gyro Shima

Gyro is Ryukai's uncle who served the siblings as a guardian after Raine's death and Ryan's missing.

Tsukasa Amakawa

Tsukasa is Ryukai's uncle.

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