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Official Bio

Ryuken is a b-shot born separately in Northern, Chrome City. He is the second eldest son of Ryan Shima and Raine Kuromi, the younger brother of Ryukai, older brother of Rimai and Rinne, Gyro and Tsukasa's niece.

He is the drummer of a famous indie band, More-Than-True, a famous athlete and model for Chrome City. He started the band after meeting Hiro and Shurato along with Ryukai a years ago. He partnered with Blitz Dragonoid who’s evolved to Titanium Dragonoid, a b-daman received from his father.


EC006 : The White Jade Dragon of Life and Light

Ryuken first appears along with his sister, Rimai, they introduced themselves to Riki them and which Himiko told Riki about Ryuken and Rimai, it appears that Ryuken actually a Chrome City representative athlete and a popular model with his sister while his sister also a Japanese Traditional Dancer for Chrome City. Himiko stated that they met before for a certain research in Europe.

While his sister Rimai help Himiko and Gennosuke on their research, he approaches Riki them who are playing Crossfire on their house's balcony along with Rinne. Ryuken watch Rinne's match with Kamon. The next day, he and his sisters are saying goodbye to Riki them before they depart the airport. Then he also said that he and Rimai should also get going, they told Rinne they had another photograph jobs at London this time. They departures the airport before Riki them do.

EC007 : The Eleven Legendary Dragons Tales in Chrome City

He made a cameo (no shown face) appearance in this chapter.

EC008 : Eh?! They're Enemies?!

Ryuken and Rimai made a surprise entrance to the WBMA which is making the exit exploded. They made Riki them shocked that they are the one who are taking down the b-shots, they appears to be also wield dragon type b-damans, one red, one purple/black; the red one called Blitz Dragonoid and the other is named Night Hydranoid. He wields the the red one, they want them to battle them in 10 minutes left. Ryuken faced off with Novu while Rimai faced off with Basara, as Riki rest of them watch them battle. Ryuken and Rimai almost can win in their match until they were interrupt by Ryukai who stated that 10 minutes had already passed. They declared a war of b-daman to Riki them, stated they will compete in the Grand Prix Series Tournament.

EC009 : A new Mysteries Enemy


EC011 : The Truth Revealed


EC013 : A New Friend? or Enemy? Millay Shirley Appears

EC014 : Millay and Rinne Clashed

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