Setsuna Hebitsumi
Kanji 蛇罪 せつな
Romaji Hebitsumi Setsuna
Dubbed Setsuna Hebitsumi
Alias/s Nehushtan Armor Girl (ネフシュタン鎧の少女 Nefushutan Yoroi no Shoujo)
Character Profile
Gender Female ♀
Age 14
Hair Color Light Blue
Eye Color Light Blue
Status Active
First Appearance SV013
Japanese CV Akemi Kanda
English CV Julie Lemieux

Setsuna Hebitsumi is an Antagonist appeared in Cross Fight B-Daman and the Swan song of the Valkyries. She is under Finé's command. She wielded the Nehustan Armor and Solomon's Cane.

Etymology Edit

Hebitsumi (蛇罪) - literary known as "Snake's sin", the Hebi (蛇) which referred to her Relic that based on a snake.

Setsuna (せつな) - means sadness.

Appearance Edit

Setsuna first appeared in her Nehustan Armor which is white and pale purple themes and indigo and purple spiked whips.

Later, her casual attire is a typical of Gothic Punk Fashion. Her attire consists white, grey and black color. Her top is one bared shoulder top with no sleeve on the other, with black white checkered black top. She wears a skirt which is followed with the checkered pattern and underneath is a black short and a belt.

She also wears uneven socks which on is high thigh length and another is knee length, knee lenght is black colored and another one is pale gray colored with a buckle on the thigh. She also wears punk boots with high heels.

Personality Edit

Abilities & Powers Edit

Trivia Edit

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