Sky Feder
Dragon Symbol 19
General Information
Kanji 天龍 ・ 羽
テンリュウ ・ フエダァ
Romaji Tenryuu Fuedaa
Dubbed Sky Feder
Members Genjuro Kazanari
Shinji Ogawa
Sakuya Fujitaka
Aoi Tomosato
Main Base Somewhere in Western
Status Disbanded

Sky Feder is a gang that located at somewhere in Western of Chrome City. It appears in B-Daman Firemerge.

General Information

The gang was described by other gangs that the gang is very powerful than the others. Their base is in a large place with many row buildings near a factory and a lake. There is one thousand or less people in this gang and this is the only gang has division generals which help the leader take care of the missions and other members while the leader’s gone. The current boss emperor is Rin Shirotama (Rinne Utau) who’s the daughter of the former boss emperor, Raine. The gang’s main ability is Expert Hand-to-hand combat. The gang members are kind, friendly, protective of their comrades than themselves, trust in their comrades and willing to fight for their sakes.


Sky means- sky in English

Feder means- feather in German

Tenryuu (天龍 / テンリュウ) means- Sky or Heaven Dragon in Japanese



  • The gang's name might is a name and a reference to their former leader, Raine Amou. The "Ten (天)" means Sky or Heaven and Feder means wings or feathers.