Tadase Hotori
Tadase Hotori 7
'Tadase Hotori'
Kanji 辺威 唯世 -タダセ-
白詠 唯世
Romaji Hotorii Tadase
Shiroei Tadase
Dubbed Tadase Hotori
Tadase Shiroei
Alias/s Prince (by a lots)
Tadase-sama (By fans)
King (by Kairi)
Character Profile
Gender Male ♂
Age 13-14
Hair Color Blonde
Eye Color Deep Pink
Occupation/s Student
Status Alive
Japanese CV Reiko Takagi
English CV Todd Haberkorn
Tadase Hotori or better known as Tadase Shima, he is the son of Gyro Shima, while also the nephew of Tsukasa, Ryan and Raine. He's also the cousin of Rinne, Rimai, Ryuken and Ryukai. His b-daman is Griffon.


Shiroei (白詠) - White Wings

Hotorii (辺威) - Lit. Authority Side

Tadase (唯世 -タダセ-) - Sole World


Tadase has short blond hair with a thin single lock. He has two bunches of hair at the side of his face and one single strand of hair that seems to protrude a bit. He has big, red-violet, almost mahogany, colored eyes. Tadase's cute form and face constantly attract girls and confessions to him.

He is always can be seen wearing his school uniform, and he often changes his clothes through the series.


Tadase is timid and educated and also kind, even though he acts confident around others. Rinne describes Tadase as a boy who is "kind and slightly shy", it also comments he's "totally popular with the girls". At first throughout the series we see that he often stays very calm in many situations, but as you progress, we see more of the inside character that is Tadase and he is actually very expressive of his emotions.

Guardian Character

Like normal children and most of the Guardians, Tadase has a Guardian Character which he desire for.

「Coming soon...」

Abilities & Power

「Coming soon...」


  • Tadase is an character from Shugo Chara!
  • Tadase's birthday is on March 29 and his zodiac sign is Aries.
  • His Blood Type is to be B.
  • It has revealed that Hotori is Rinne their true name.

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