aka XxUnicorn_GoddessxX

  • I live in Philippines
  • My occupation is a Future Goddess of something mythical
  • I am Female
  • TrisJongco


    May 2, 2017 by TrisJongco

    I started thinking my previous Fanfic was so stupid and was so confusing to understand.So I was able to make a fanfiction based on what I have always thought .

    well basically,ITS PUBERTY!

    I just think really funny before -_-

    So...I have another Fanfiction about B Daman.    Another fanfic that is still going on around my imagination *coughs*of weirdness *coughs*

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  • TrisJongco

    Hey guyz!So if I'm still editing a page or creating one,just for you all to know I don't want to be a Main character,WHY?I don't want my character to feel like shes on the top and all of the drama gets to her,so yeah!but I only want my character to be one of the main characters like the 3rd main character or the 4th....I don't know as long as it is not number one or two.

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  • TrisJongco

    Looks like I'm on my own

    September 9, 2015 by TrisJongco

    I'm still here browsing this wiki and finding someone to talk to,and I'm thinking that I want NightmareLorelei to add me as one of her characters because I don't know how so...yes😳

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