White Naga
General Information
Kanji ホワイト=ナガ
Romaji Howaito Naga
Dubbed White Naga
User/s Ixion L.Curtiss
Special Move/s Darkus Riot
First Appearance EC016
Japanese CV Hideyuki Umezu
English CV John Stocker
White Naga is a white dragon-type b-daman with the “White Dragon of Destruction” or “The Dragon who bought death and despair from the underworld” in it. Naga was sealed in the ruin in Eastern of Chrome City by its twin sister, White Wavern. Naga is a control-type b-daman and owned by Ixion L.Curtiss until it was sealed away.


Naga is a white dragon with silver belly and a long tail. Its wings seems to be ripped. He has sharp teeth and red pupil in black eyes. He has sharp claws to defend or attack the enemies when in close combat.


He was a rogue Bakugan who tried to control the world. When he was trying to take over the world, he was stopped by his sister. (See Chrome City's history). After he was freed, he is hunger for power and also had a deep hatred for the dragons.

Notable B-Daman Parts


"Naga" is derived from Nāga, a class of entity in the form of great snake found in Hinduism and Buddhism. While in the Malay translation, naga means dragon.


  • Naga is a bakugan from Bakugan TV Series.

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