Zwei Wing
Zwei Wing Glowsticks
Zwei Wing's Glowsticks
General Information
Kanji ツヴァイウィング
Romaji Tsuvai Uwingu
Dubbed Zwei Wing
"Two Wings"
Leader N/A
Members Kanade Otoha
Lynné Utau
First Appearance SV001
Status Active

Zwei Wing is a famous vocal unit band in Chrome City. The group is composed Kanade Otoha and Lynné Utau. The unit appears in Cross Fight B-Daman and the Swan song of the Valkyries.


Zwei - means two in German

Wing - means wing in English


Kanade Otoha

Lynné Utau


Flugel's Backlight

Flugel's Backlight





  • Zwei comes from Lynné and Kanade's group which has only two members.
  • Wing comes from their names: Rinne's family name, Shiroei meaning white wings in Japanese and Otohane meaning Sound wings in Japanese.
  • It was Kanade's idea to the group and the name.
  • In their songs, Kanade introduce their names like "Kanade" in Gyakkou no Flugel,"Kanaderu" in Orbital Beat,
  • Zwei Wing actually a band from Senki Zesshou Symphogear.

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